4 Gallon of Adhesive

Item Number: L-910W4G

Coverage of approx. 500 square feet per gallon.  

Make sure you have extra!!

Forbo adhesive is water based and works better with surfaces that breath, not recommended for Glass.  
Please note if this is for a direct to the wall installation, the installers should be familiar/trained in this type of installation.  Some Installers think the Forbo adhesive is to quick to set.   This adhesive can be used for flat panel assembly but care is needed.  In general the L-910w has a higher initial grab than other adhesives but less of a final grab.

Forbo recommends applying to both wall and Cork at a specified thickness and then waiting (up to 20 minutes, depends on temp, humidity) for proper Tackiness to develop.   Material once put up needs to be rolled with a linoleum roller