English EZ word board

Item Number: ACU001 Catalog Image

Language Word Boards  -- for both Non-English and Non-Verbal Communication. 
They come in 20 languages wheres one side is is for ackts a a body locator and the other side has wording.    Their is also one in English that can be used to communicate with an English speaking person who cannot speak due to tubes, surgery or other reasons.   And the 20 non-English boards will also provide non-verbal communication.



Gallon of Adhesive

Item Number: L-910WG


Coverage of approx. 125 square feet per gallon.  

Make sure you have extra available in quarts.
Forbo adhesive is water based and works better with surfaces that breath, not recommended for Glass.  
Please note if this is for a direct to the wall installation, the installers should be familiar/trained in this type of installation.  Some Installers think the Forbo adhesive is to quick to set.   This adhesive can be used for flat panel assembly but care is needed.  In general the L-910w has a higher initial grab than other adhesives but less of a final grab.

Forbo recommends applying to both wall and Cork at a specified thickness and then waiting (up to 20 minutes, depends on temp, humidity) for proper Tackiness to develop.   Material once put up needs to be rolled with a linoleum roller



custom printed dry erase board - plastic framed

Item Number: Custom-hospital
To get sample board order on line but contact us by phone

tough, extra-large bar code label holders

Item Number: APXT-46M

Sizes Backings
  Self-Adhesive Magnetic Hook & Loop
3x5 Size (50/box)
Side Loading
Top Loading (card size 3x5)



4x6 Size (50/box)
Side Loading
Top Loading (card size 4x6)



5x7 Size (25/box)
Side Loading
(card size 4-3/4 x 7-1/4)



9x11 Size (25/box)
Side Loading
(card size 8-1/2 x 11)




SUPERSCAN® Can you image your entire facility coming to a grinding halt because you didn't use SUPERSCAN®? Well, if your scanners can't accurately read the bar codes, you have problems.

These tough, extra-large bar code label holders help prevent damage to valuable bar codes during storage and distribution. They protect against dust, abrasion, humidity, even chemicals and light.

A special matte finish assures accurate bar code reading…every time! SUPERSCAN® is made from a sturdy matte finished plastic to eliminate glare. Choose from self-adhesive, magnetic or hook & loop backings. Ample paper samples provided.

Four (4) sizes are available in CLEAR only. Laser/lnkJet compatible inserts are included with
printing instructions.  Standard Packaging: Fifty (50) per box or Twenty-five (25) per box.
SUPERSCAN® Backings and Paper inserts provided with each box. Samples sent are finished product, w/ backings attached.  Actual material shipped will not have backings attached, you must attach.
SUPERSCAN® GOLD: Backings come already factory attached.   A minimum of 250 pcs is required for custom size


Self Adhesive Dry-Erase Wallpaper-please enter LFT quantity

Item Number: MZA50

MZA50 (E-Z) Wall by Markawall



MZA50 is a permanent pressure sensitive adhesive back  Best for areas that have no seams and alignment can be fixed by trimming.  Best for resurfacing chalkboards at $23.70/ft


You will be charged a $16.00 cut charge if you are ordering less then 100 linear feet.

For our Main EZWall page see EZWall -
for our MarkaWall page see MarkaWall
-Vinyl Dry-Erase Wall-covering


Dry erase hospital board sample no charge when shipped to hospitals

Item Number: GHH






Sample board is no charge. We require a FEDEX or UPS account number to pay for the shipping



Dry Erase Hospital boards for nurse, patient and doctor communications !!
Custom Printed and Sized Hospital Room Boards Improve Patient Care with custom Patient Charts
About Our Boards and US!
Indoff CT is a master at producing quality custom printed dry erase boards. Our expertise allows us to offer beautiful hospital boards for your patients rooms in a multitude of styles and price ranges. Weather you need 3 or 3,000 we have the capability of meeting your needs. Our process uses high resolution digital files that are die-sublimated onto our dry erase boards so any layout and infinite colors are available. Layout of graphics are not included in pricing unless we do a minor modification of an existing board or you supply us correct files.



Colored cork sample chart shipped via ups for $15 shipping charge. This is via UPS grnd. The chart is n/c you are paying for the shipping

Item Number: Samples from Als office

This charge will cover standard items shipped out via our UPS account.

If you require next day or 2 day service put that in order notes and we will call you and tell you the cost before we proceed.

2201 or 1135 2205 or 11342202 or 11322204 or 11362203 or 11332185 or 1107
2186 or 11102162 or 11132182 or 11112166 or 11002067 or 11052187 or 1109


Magnetic backed label holders 1

Item Number: m-11 Catalog Image

Magnetic - When you need reliability and simplicity, this is the labeling system for you.
This versatile system is truly the next generation of insertable label holders for metal shelving, racks, bins and drawers. Made from the same quality, proven plastic material as our popular, self-adhesive HOL•DEX®.
The magnetic backing makes it easy to change label holder location or just the information on the paper inserts. Ideal for organizing all your shelving needs.
For custom cut orders, consult our factory or your distributor. A minimum of 250 pcs is required for custom sizes.
Six widths are available, colors and clear. Ample paper inserts
are provided. Laser/lnkJet compatible inserts are available.
Standard Packaging: Twelve (12) - 6" strips to a shelf box.
Paper inserts provided

Magnetic Backed Label Holders
Stock # Width Unit $ / Unit $ / inch
M-11 1" 12/bx or bulk 17.00 .225

Dry-Erase Wallpaper-please enter LFT quantity

Item Number: MZP50

MZP50 (E-Z Wall) by Markawall



MZA50  50"wide requires wallpaper paste which allows seams and if best for larger areas.   It is priced at $21.20 a running ft

You will be charged a $16.00 cut charge if you are purchasing less then 100 linear feet.

For our Main EZWall page see EZWall -
for our MarkaWall page see MarkaWall
-Vinyl Dry-Erase Wall-covering


Magnetic Card Holders C-Channel Style

Item Number: C2x4 Catalog Image

Solid Magnetic Cardholders

The solid brown magnetic rubber construction provides maximum holding power to affix these holders to your shelves and racks. Simply insert our shelf tag cards (order separately) into the cardholder slot and place on your steel shelving. When it comes time to reorganize your shelves, simply move cardholders - your shelf tags will always be in the right location. Suggested temperature range 0-160 degrees F.

CARD HEIGHT= 1 11/16" (holder height = 1 7/8")

Length Qty - Pkg Part No Price
4" 25 C2X4 $12.50